JoAnnes GayCock Suckin New Years Eve

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JoAnnes GayCock Suckin New Years Eve

Ten" nine" eight"
Here Jo was again, on her knees on a New Year's Eve, awaiting the stroke of midnight with yet another cock in her mouth.

Seven" six" five"
Her eyes were on the next one, though" different from the 57 she"d already sucked since the party started three hours ago" a special cock, reserved for her for the stroke of midnight, all part of her New Year's resolution.

Five" four"
Since she"d started her wonderful career as a professional slut on her eighteenth birthday, more than a decade ago, she"d sucked almost 52,000 cocks from more than 20,000 different men. But few, to her knowledge, had been the cocks of . From now on, she resolved to avail her mouth and throat to as many gay men as she possibly could. Not to alter their sexual persuasion" no, just to reach out to them and show that she loved them and their genitals too.

Her mouth popped off the current cock, as she quickly swallowed the load it had given her, her face turning towards the special, New Year's cock, already long and hard" already stimulated from several minutes fucking another gay man's asshole" and totally covered in shit. A gay guy I"d met weeks earlier had suggested the ass-to-mouth angle as an fun addition to the event, and JoAnne had been immediate in her approval. Not only would the cock already be hard; but it would be extra tasty for her.

Her eyes glanced at our own roving reported, Kaityn Smith, nicely dressed in her patented black dress pants, along with a festive-looking royal blue satin blouse with a matching blue sash and black heels. Kaitlyn's hand held a microphone, ready to interview Jo the second the clock struck twelve, the moment Jo's mouth clamped down on the tasty, shit-coated awaiting her. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn's own mouth was ready to open wide for an identical, shit-covered cock straight out of another gay man's ass, her eyes already having found the real forced anal against her will centre TV camera, pointed right at her to capture the historic moment. She"d already introduced herself some time earlier ... ...This is Kaitlyn Smith reporting from the Downtown Convention Centre, where a crowd of thousands is gathered to ring in the New Year. I'm here with Canada's most famous professional slut, JoAnne Gagging. How are you doing, JoAnne?"

"Hmm hmm," Jo had answered, at 11:51, just having started to blow her 54th cock of the evening.

"In a few short moments, JoAnne, a collection of her friends and fellow prostitutes, and yours truly will be making history, starting the new decade with a gesture of love and understanding for our fellow man, opening our hearts and, more specifically, our mouths to thousands of gay men who have gathered here from as far away as the West and East coast, the US, and even Europe and Asia. Isn't that right, JoAnne?"

"Hmm hmmmm."

But that had been 9 minutes ago, and now it was one second 'til midnight and JoAnne and Kaitlyn were both poised. Kaitlyn knew that she"d only have a second or two to say Happy New Year to her TV audience before her own mouth was violated. She quickly brushed the seat of her black pants to make sure they looked good. She wanted to look perfect for her fans across the country. She knew that millions would be watching.

Jo herself had dressed festively for this occasion, wearing one of her patented panty outfits" in fact, the same one that had made the look famous:

" an orange, short-sleeved half-sweater that reached down to just above her belly button, long enough to cover her breasts, but nowhere near long enough to cover any part of her waist or pretty butt;

" sexy white satin bikini panties -two layers of satin material sewn together to add to the fun slippery feel of satin; giving them almost the look of bikini bathing suit bottoms" but no! they were marketed as panties; and successfully so, I might add " since Jo and her look had become famous, millions of similar pairs had been sold, with pretty girls everywhere wearing them instead of pants or a skirt, as Jo was now, out in public and even to work and church)

" and black heels.

In this way, she had merged the old with the new" indicating to all that JoAnne herself hadn't changed. Her mouth would continue to service cocks of all shapes and sizes, all day and every day. But now, she also would reach out to men who maybe hadn't previously thought of entering the mouth of a beautiful young (for even at 29, she STILL looked like she was maybe 21 or 22) blonde girl, but now had gathered in the thousands.

JoAnne opened her mouth and leaned forward"

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Kaitlyn announced gaily, and then immediately was silenced by a hard, thick gay brown-coated penis, shoved firmly all the way into her throat.

Meanwhile, Jo accepted the New Year's cock into her mouth calmly and gently clamped down, immediately feeling the soft shit squishing against her tongue, as its pungent but pleasant taste filled her mouth. In a second or two, she directed her eyes straight at Kaitlyn, whose mouth now also was filled with gay cock and excrement.

"Hmm hmmm?" Kaitlyn asked her, the microphone she was holding first held towards her own face, and then towards Jo's face to catch the interviewee's reply.

"Hmm hmmmmm," Jo answered, approvingly, her eyes finding the camera, looking straight out at the millions and maybe tens of millions of appreciative TV viewers across the country and beyond and, ultimately, probably hundreds of millions who eventually would capture this wonderful moment on the internet.

"Hmm hmmmm," Kaitlyn agreed, her eyes scanning the crowd of thousands gathered all through the huge convention hall where this event was being filmed. Somewhere out there, several of Jo's friends and fellow whores were on their knees too" Nadine and Katelyn, Wendy and Emily and Claire, Heather and Sabrina and Madison, and the newest recruits, Erin and Alicia" all festively dressed and awaiting their turns on TV" all just having accepted gay cocks straight out of gay assholes too. Not only that, but other girls showed up too " like Stacey and Stephanie (see STACEY AND STEPHANIE"S BLOWJOBS FOR CHARITY), the former high-school cheerleaders, now , who had used their talented mouths to sell over $100,000 of blowjobs and cookies door-to-door to raise money for charity over the past 5 years; the two sisters, Kim and Mary (MARY BLOWS SANTA), who every year blow over 6000 store Santas and service countless reindeer over the 6-weeks leading up to Christmas, just to add to the spirit of good cheer; lovely blonde high-school teens Kim Henry and Brooke Adams (MEDICINE BY MOUTH), now 17 weeks into their 40 weeks of 30-a-day blowjobs as part of a big scientific study to prove that swallowing 30 cc of semen each day makes women look younger; Debbie (DEBBIE"S SUPERBLOW MATTRESS), the mattress saleswoman who continues to sell mattresses by giving widely-televised blowjob challenges across the country; Angie (ANGIE"S BLEACHER BLOWJOBS), a self-professed "cheerleader cum-eater" who provides free blowjobs at sporting events throughout town and throughout the year, thanks to both her own school spirit and her Mom's unceasing encouragement; and Rhonda, like Wendy a bank-teller cum slut who accepts all fluid assets deposited in her mouth" all in all, twenty lovely young women on their knees reaching out to the population to start a new decade of better understanding and acceptance.

What an amazingly heart-warming story this was!!! As this big brute started to violate Kaitlyn's throat, his big hands grabbing her head and his hips violently pumping with all his might, the pretty reporter's eyes filled with tears of joy and appreciation. She looked back towards JoAnne.

Pretty Jo's face was being pulled so forcefully into this fat gay's groin, it was literally smothered in belly fat. But still, Jo's own hands reached around to the guy's butt to pull herself on even more. It was clear to all that she wanted to show everyone on TV how long she could stay like this, with this cock shoved all the way down her throat. But, of course, that would be impossible" for Jo could stay like this forever. Just ask Bucky, her horse. If Kaitlyn's mouth EVER became free, she would ask Jo how Bucky and all his buddies at the stable were. IF her mouth ever became free. Unquestionably, her producer would soon haul her off of her knees so she could drop down and kneel next to every one of the other girls and interview them, while continuing to partake of all the fun cock-swallowing festivities herself. Meanwhile, her job was to continue interviewing JoAnne, as best she could.

"Hmm hmmmm?" she asked.

"Hggggghhhhhhhxxxxkkkgguhhh," Jo replied sweetly.

Lovely high-schooler Kim Henry (MEDICINE BY MOUTH) was having the time of her life. Over the 17 weeks of the 40-week clinical study she"d now completed, she had far surpassed her 30-a-day allotment, and was on a pace to have blown almost 11,000 cocks over the full course of the trial, all the while maintaining a straight "A" average. Of course, her grades were helped IMMENSELY by blowing every one of her teachers 7 days a week, plus her principal, Mr. Stanner, whom she blew twice daily, at 8 o"clock every morning in his office, and on the street where she worked as a prostitute every night. Her goal all along, of course, has been to give the most blowjobs of all the girls at her school, virtually guaranteeing herself a full-time, long-term prostitution gig with one of the city's top pimps when she graduates at the end of the year. So this event was far too enticing for her to pass up. Her only concern was whether all the shit she was sure to consume might counteract the youth-preserving effect researchers were trying to prove 30 loads of cum a day has. But the study's Principle Investigator had assured her, by email, that she needn't worry. "Just have fun," he wrote. It was Kim's mom, herself an extremely career-driven, long-time politician, who had pointed out the undeniable advantages to herself personally and to Kim of having her daughter's lovely face on virtually every television channel being porked by dozens and dozens of gay men.

"What pimp or porn producer won't watch it at some point, either xnxxv sunny leone video on TV or on the internet?" she"d asked her daughter. "Besides, you can't be a prostitute or porn star forever. Maybe when you start to approach your mid to late thirties you'll consider running for office. And who wouldn't vote for a beautiful blonde who's willing to suck shit-coated cock for a good cause?"

Of course, now that Kim was kneeling there, sucking and soft shit, all she really was thinking about was looking good for her girl friends at school (and, truth be told, for Mr. Stanner, who she had a secret crush on). She"d spent two hours the night before deciding what to wear, to best please both her friends and her principal, and had settled on the more formal look she"d become known for" classic navy blue dress pants (pleats and pockets in front, just smooth curves and a nice bikini pant-line in the back, a pretty pink blouse, and heels. She"d dressed much this way all this year, the main exception being her second week when her new-found friend Brooke Adams had given her the heads-up on the Friday night to 'maybe wear shorts or jeans on Monday" after Brooke herself had seen the master list of 40 girls on the wall of the stables at the navel academy, where Brooke herself had spent her first week. Kim pressed Brooke for more details, but Brooke had resisted, not wanting to spoil Kim's Monday morning surprise. Brooke also had advised against high heels, but Kim's mom had insisted her daughter wear them: "You don't want to look like some choir girl!" she"d argued. As it turns out, the ground in the stables was hard enough that heels weren't a big problem. And all the horses seemed to love Kim's shorts, expressing their appreciation by giving her extra loads of 'medicine" to swallow down for the study. But the next week, Kim was blowing mostly teachers at the Men's College as her day-time assignment, so she returned to wearing her dress pants. And the guys at school had gotten long used to her look, and porking the mouth of the pretty, nicely dressed blonde was now on everyone's agenda.

And so it was that Kim was dressed as she was, and Brooke was kneeling not 10 feet away, a line of hard gay cocks awaiting both of them. The two friends couldn't help but watch each other sucking cock. And when one girl got her man to writhe in ecstasy from something she"d done with her mouth, invariably the other girl tried it too. Brooke's look was quite different. Though both had long blonde hair, sweet faces and slim sexy figures, Brooke always wore her hair in a ponytail (Kim sometimes did, but not today); and Brooke almost always wore tight short shorts (today, they were bright yellow), and a cute skimpy top to go with her heels. Kim really admired Brooke's tight little ass every time her friend drove her face forward into her man's crotch to tighten the already stretched material of her shorts even more. But Kim's ass also was wonderfully sweet in her dress pants, as even all these gay guys admitted.

"I"d fuck your ass anytime," more than one of them had said, to Kim's delight. But not today! Today, it was her mouth and throat that were to be used as receptacles for cock, cum and whatever else.